Seppo Kolari and Mikko Vaajamo join Avarea’s board of directors

Päivi Karesjoki Yleinen

The AGM of Avarea Oy has invited two professionals with impressive corporate and board operations expertise to the Board of Directors. Mr Seppo Kolari and Mr Mikko Vaajamo will take part in the work of the Board as well as the further development of the company.

Mr Kolari, IT and digitalisation professional, has made an impressive career in Nokia and Symbio as well as an entrepreneur. In Symbio he served as COO, Executive Vice President and board member.  Prior joining Symbio, he held several senior management and business leadership roles at Nokia including Head of a global corporate  sales and General Manager of WLAN business unit. Mr Kolari possesses entrepreneurial spirit with an excellent knowledge of business development and internationalization.

Mikko Vaajamo has strong experience in international product business. With early career with Computer 2000 Finland Oy (Techdata Finland Oy) and Tieto,  he was a co-founder of Securesoft, a former Nordic company pioneering in data security. Following the acquisition of Securesoft Group by Computerlinks, Mikko remained as a board member of the international group. Most recently he ran the product management as Director, Product Marketing & Alliances and was also a member of executive board of Exclusive Networks Group.

Mr Kauno Myllyniemi, Chairman of the Board of Avarea, appreciates the know-how Seppo and Mikko bring along to the Board:

– In addition to taking part in the further development of the company Seppo and Mikko will provide new external views and challenge us on our journey to Avarea’s vision that is to be the customer’s first choice in the formulation and achievement of more meaningful information.

Mrs Päivi Karesjoki, CEO and member of the Board, is pleased to get new outside members and experience to the Board:

–  I am very convinced that the new Board will bring even more energy and pace to our operations and plans to grow. Therefore, our expectations for the work of the Board are high. The new members, Seppo and Mikko, have excellent expertise and experience in international business, productization, building of partnership network and selling of expert and consultancy services. All this will support our strategy and future growth. They have wide networks both in Finland and abroad which will strengthen our aim to expand internationally.  This year, Avarea has grown rapidly and the operations have been successfull and the appointing of Seppo and Mikko board members will further improve our performance and provide appreciated knowledge of international business models and their development.

In addition to Mr Kolari and Mr Vaajamo, the Board has two other members, i.e. Mr Kauno Myllyniemi, serving as a Chairman of the Board and Mrs Päivi Karesjoki, CEO of Avarea.

Further information

Mr Kauno Myllyniemi, Chairman of the Board,+358 44 566 4597
Mrs Päivi Karesjoki, CEO of Avarea,  +358 40 902 2212

Avarea, a technology independent expert company, works for better and faster analytics, offering solutions for better understanding of customer and profitability data. The company helps its customers to make faster business decisions in a revolutionary and rapidly changing world. Avarea was founded in 2009 and employs over 30 experienced professionals.