New AnalyticsEntry product realized with Tekes funding

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tekesAvarea’s renewed strategy strives for growth and profitability by means of productized services particularly in analytics. As a part of this strategy the company initiated a R&D project already in 2013. In the spring of 2014 it launched the AnalyticsEntry service, bringing analytics within reach of every company. Funding for the project was provided also by Tekes, enabling Avarea to start the R&D project and make an investment in analytics for the future. “AnalyticsEntry has progressed according to plan, and during the course of the project we have vastly improved our productizing process and development flexibility. We have also been ready to fine-tune concepts on the basis of feedback received from pilot customers,” explains Avarea Oy’s managing director Päivi Karesjoki.

The R&D project represents a new field for Avarea; in addition to tailored solutions the company is now able to invest in developing its own concept and incorporating its top expertise in a product. At the same time the company is able to offer its staff interesting new tasks in the area of product development and innovation and is broadening its expertise in product management and maintenance.

For customers, AnalyticsEntry offers cost-effective analytics and the My Analyst concept. “With AnalyticsEntry we can cost-effectively and flexibly provide our customers with meaningful information for better decision-making. As a customer you can forget costly investments in technology, never-ending data warehouse projects, and know-how in analytics and BI that is hard to acquire. This is all included in Avarea’s AnalyticsEntry, where we guarantee quicker answers about the future. Just plug it in and turn the service on!” Karesjoki assures.

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Päivi Karesjoki
Managing Director
+358 40 902 2212