Internet of Medical Things

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) & better World

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The Internet of Things (the solution in this article belongs to the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) -category) creates new business possibilities in ever growing speed in medical and healthcare segments. It creates and supports our health care.

Avarea and Vivago have made a cooperation agreement in healthcare service context. The aim is to utilize advanced analytics to compose business insights from the data produced by Vivago’s alarm devices and bracelets. Vivago develops smart safety- and healthcare solutions for proactive caretaking. The mission is to give the right care at the right time at the right place.

In the first phase, we’re going to combine the information from the bracelets used by Vivago’s customers and create a general view of the customer base. The view is refined with clustering in order find groups within the data. The customers act in a similar fashion inside these formed groups. The caretaking- or rehabilitation unit can plan focused care- and service processes to these databased customer segments. Thus, the customers will get better service and focused actions to support caretaking and rehabilitation.

The Internet of Medical Things and its benefits

The data produced by bracelets enables the usage of advanced analytics to ensure the better focusing on caretaking. Providing rightly timed support and focused services to the home care customer raises the life quality of the customer and the standards of the service. The potential of the bracelet data could be missed without analytics. With the cooperation, Avarea’s analytics expertise’s are utilised in improving the customers quality of life and well-being.

IoMT is a concept which describes IoT-solutions in healthcare and medicine sector. IoMT has immense potential in caretaking and covering the needs of elderly and disabled individuals. Services can be produced more cost-efficiently and still improve the service itself due to timely and customised delivery for different customer segments. Healthcare and medicine segment has adopted the Internet of Things slower compared to other industries but it is going to be increasing on a global scale.

More information

Avarea’s Business Unit Leader Päivi Karesjoki will be presenting the concept in depth in Nordic IoT -event which is held in 16. – 20.4.2018 at Helsinki’s Kattilahalli.

Vivago supplies smart safety and well-being solutions for proactive elderly and special need care. As a forerunner of health technology, Vivago ensures the safety of tens of thousands of individuals around Europe. The devices are produced In Finland.

Internet of Medical Things