Greetings from Nordic StrategyForum Internet of Things

Anna Wäyrynen Event, IoT, Yleinen

Avarea participated Management Events’s Nordic StrategyForum Internet of Things on April 14th and 15th in Riga, Latvia.

There were 86 invited guests from Nordic countries to find partners to support their IoT roadmap. Suppliers from technology solutions to software and analytics were represented. Analytics is as essential part of IoT as are also sensors and ability to collect and deliver real-time data even from very distant places.

One thing was common to all presentations in this conference. IoT is something no company no matter how big or small can do by themselves. All presented case studies were implemented together with partners in a new type of eco-system. Avarea had several meetings with Finnish and other Nordic customers and our IoT story will definitely continue in Finland and soon also in other Nordic countries. Anna Wäyrynen, Director of Consulting Services, was representing Avarea in the event.