Avarea showing impressive growth – net sales increased over 40%

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Avarea exports Finnish analytics knowledge

Avarea Oy, specialized in data analytics, reports an excellent result for the financial year from 1 October 2015 to 30 September 2016. Net sales increased over 40 % being EUR 3.5 million. Avarea has extended its customer base as well as introduced and deployed new services to the customers.   Avarea recruited new top experts and aims to export Finnish analytics and technology knowledge abroad.

Mrs Päivi Karesjoki, CEO of Avarea, is satisfied with the growth, the result of the financial year and the improved profitability:
– Particularly, I am very pleased with our continuous efforts to enhance operations as well as our focus on strategy implementation. We have grown in advanced analytics and our profitability has improved remarkably. We have systematized the way we work and have paid more attention to the operational models of projects and support services. In addition, we have invested in our AnalyticsEntry product, new recruits, training of employees and we moved to a new modern office.

In the forthcoming financial year, Avarea will focus on the strategic and business-oriented IoT (Internet of Things) alongside the customer and profitability analytics.

Avarea wants to expand into international markets, but the first steps aren’t taken alone.
– We strongly believe that there is a demand for the Finnish expertise both in Finland and outside Finland. With the support of our partners, we provide our AnalyticsEntry platform services for selected target markets, Mrs Karesjoki says. 

Mrs Karesjoki sees the future of data analytics services very good because digitalization and technology development enable enterprises with new opportunities to utilize data in business and its development:
– Future success is largely based on how intelligently companies process and use data. Relevant information is a resource adding value to everything we do. Advanced analytics will serve the company’s functions such as production, sales and marketing and product development.

Mr Kauno Myllyniemi, Chairman of the Board, emphasizes the strategy work and related alignments made a few years ago by Avarea:
– We base our work on the strategic objectives we set in 2014. Now we can clearly see that we have taken the right path. In accordance with our strategy, we have had the opportunity to provide our clients with more relevant information by utilizing our business and analytics expertise in customer and profitability analytics. In addition, we have exploited the synergies between product and service businesses in our offerings.  It is good to continue to develop Avarea further according to the set guidelines.

Further information
Mr Kauno Myllyniemi, Chairman of the Board, +358 44 566 4597
Mrs Päivi Karesjoki, CEO, +358 40 902 2212

Avarea, a technology independent expert company, works for better and faster analytics, offering solutions for better understanding of customer and profitability data. The company helps its customers to make faster decisions in a revolutionary and rapidly changing world. Avarea was founded in 2009. It employs 34 experienced professionals.