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Avarea Analytics for Marketing

Avarea Analytics for Marketing is a solution which helps marketers to make agile data driven marketing decisions.

Its a solution to collect and organise all marketing and sales data relevant to your business goals.

Create growth and acquire new customers

Integration of data sources:
Social, Ads, Crm, Sales

Turn marketing and sales activities into business impact

Pipeline and data management

Be data driven and deliver measurable results

Executive and operational dashboards

Connect managed data into a data warehouse for ad-hoc analysis

Data driven marketing by Role

  • Make agile marketing decisions based on data
  • Use data to sense and response instead of yearly fixed marketing plans
  • Be always up to date on marketings success against business goals
  • Show marketing and sales activities’ business impact in figures
  • Make budget based on facts and understand where the opportunities are
  • Automate operational reporting with always up to date dashboards
  • Get access to all data in one place for ad-hoc analysis
  • Use all available data instead of what you can handle on spreadsheets
  • Free up time by getting rid of manual reporting process
  • Get multiple views on data and understand omni channel performance against targets
  • Use data driven decisions to meet sales targets
  • Understand how marketing is supporting sales
  • Identify sales growth bottlenecks and opportunities
  • See the whole funnel from top to bottom
  • Significantly speed up the building of sales and marketing analytics data warehouse
  • Reduce operational data warehouse management cost by using SaaS based service
  • Empower your business users by providing them access to fully managed data
  • Free your data science teams from time consuming manual data gathering tasks
  • Automate your customer reporting with always up to date dashboards
  • Provide your customers personalised views on metrics that matter to them
  • Empower your data scientists with managed data for ad-hoc analysis, machine learning and statistical modelling
  • Create data-driven and extended services for your customers

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5 Steps to Data Driven Marketing

1. Define Specific Goals, 2. Map KPIs and Metrics to the Goals, 3. Identify Channels and Data, 4. Design Dashboards and Advanced Analytics use cases, 5. Make a Plan

5 Steps to Data Driven Marketing

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Modern Marketing Challenges

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