How IoT could build competitive edge for my business?

What is Internet of Things (IoT)? IoT is a concept of connecting things, like devices, vehicles, machines, animals, etc., to the internet and to each other with sensors, in order to generate information that can be used to create customer value.

IoT will change vitally business models as well as prevailing paradigms and it will affect almost all functions in a company, i.e. product development, production, sales, marketing and management. Thus IoT is more about business development and new approach to the management of the company than a technological change.

We’re going to experience IoT’s benefits in ever growing speed; it would be good to be part of the technological front-line to ensure the full use of organizational capabilities now and in the future. The amount of created data is going to grow over time in relation to IoT-products and service base. This is going affect on the data’s essence. The ultimate aspiration is to understand the relevancy of the gathered data in order to ensure stylized information’s usefulness.

IOT Analytics Inventory optimization

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The basic required capability to start utilizing IoT is that the devices (or other things) are connected to systems and with each other, so that the collection of data for the analysis may begin. New innovations are possible only as soon as there is a view on the data and, for example, on how your customers are using devices. Therefore, the most important key to a successful IoT project is analytics.

We can help you to take your already collected, but unutilized sensor data under control and to identify from the data, how you could develop your business, generate new business and deliver customer value.

However, the most effective competitive advantage, can be discovered through IoT strategy work. Choose us as your partner for strategic planning, and we will work with you to discover how exactly IoT can transform your business.

IOT analytics can build Competitive advantage by

IOT strategy & digitalization

  • New solutions and business model
  • For current and similar to current customers
  • For new customers
  • Potential new markets

tactical IOT & cost benefits

  • Optimizing production, processes, costs, inventory etc.
  • Process efficiency
  • Outage management
  • Predictive maintenance

We are IoT-experts!

Our services will cover your whole IoT-project.

Avarea as a IoT-partner

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Avarea’s solutions for IOT analytics utilization

Accelerator – fast business benefits

Concepted service with systematic approach how to start utilizing IOT/sensor data analytics
• Identification and prioritization of potential use cases
• Concrete results in 6-12 weeks with 6 steps

My Analyst – analyst at your service

• Service available on monthly basis virtually or on-site
MyAnalyst complements the expertise of your organization and serves as a resource
• Ideal solution when you want to get fast-forward with your analytics project