How to deliver better marketing ROI and customer experience?

Digital marketing includes all the activities across the customer lifecycle; all the channels you use to communicate and interact with your customers, all the experiences you deliver through your services, and all technologies and platforms you utilize to manage your activities.

Data-driven marketing is based on insights delivered through data-analytics. Main objectives of a data-driven marketer should be to measure impact of activities, drive more efficient spending and ensure a successful customer journey. However, because of taking advantage of new technologies, such as marketing automation, social monitoring and CRM, marketers today are faced with a challenge to get a complete view on their customers and impact of their activities due to disconnected data from multiple platforms.

We can help marketers to become data-driven to ensure that every marketing investment decision is based on facts with data and measurable metrics.

Digital marketing Customer Journey

Our solution: Madtrix – Marketing performance analytics

Madtrix is a big data solution to collect and organize all data relevant to your business from multiple data sources to single data store. Through our solution we will offer you unified marketing KPI monitoring and advanced analytics to help you to discover new business opportunities and improve your business performance.

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