How to increase customer lifetime value?

Utilizing combination of customer analytics methods will enable you to predict the future behaviour of each of your customer. In-depth customer insight will help you to make better decisions on activities which most likely are to increase the customer lifetime value, boost new customer acquisition or improve customer retention, for example.

Customer analytics provides answers to customer behaviour related questions

  • Which are the customer segments based on customer behaviour and profiling data?
  • What are the most effective marketing strategies for each customer?
  • How to identify my potential customers?
  • Which customers are most likely to buy and which products?
  • Which of my customers are at risk to churn?
  • What will be the estimated impact of my chosen tactic?
  • How much different customer segments are willing to spend?
  • What is the optimal communication channel for each customer?
Customer Analytics Marketing optimization

Avarea customer analytics solutions

Accelerator – fast business benefits

• Concepted service with systematic approach how to start utilizing data analytics
• Identification and priorization of potentail use cases
• Concrete results in 6-12 weeks with 6 steps

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My Analyst – Avarea analyst at your service

• Service avaibale on monhtly basis virtually or on-site
• MyAnalyst complements the expertise of your organization and serves as a resource
• Ideal solution when you want to get fast-forward with your analytics project

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Our product – Avarea Analytics for Marketing

  • We connect different channels, solutions and data to create insights that are really meaningful to your business.
  • Simplicity into reporting, processess and tools in use to avoid data overflows.
  • Power into reporting
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Customer stories

Case YIT – Better customer experience through deep customer insight

“Avarea promised us to hold by the hand throughout the project. In addition, we were given the following promises by Avarea: they have a useful concept suitable for this project, at the end of the project we have the first analytics POC in use, the know-how within the company has increased, and we have received tools helping as to proceed in the field of analytics. Avarea has kept all these promises.”Anne Karppinen, YIT Oyj
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