How to better predict future trends affecting my business?

Traditional BI is focused on what happened to your business last month or last year. Advanced analytics predicts the future and is focused on what would be your next best action. What we at Avarea mean by the term advanced analytics? We are talking about all the statistical methods and technologies that we utilize in order to provide better and deeper insights for supporting our customers’ decision-making.

Advanced Analytics Location planning

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By using advanced analytics, we are able to provide you with more and more detailed information about your customers by, for example, leveraging social media insights or unstructured data. Are you overwhelmed with customer feedback? Let us help you to derive the essential information by text mining. Or, if you have piles of unutilized sensor data, we can help by analysing it and by discovering opportunities for commercialization. In addition to your own knowledge capital, we help you to take advantage of external or perhaps previously unidentified sources of information.

For us at Avarea the latest industry hype-words are not just words. Our expertise covers among other things machine learning, neural networks, text analytics and unstructured data analysis in different forms. We always carefully choose the methods that we use according to the situation. The problems do not have to look the same, when there’s a rich set of tools.

Examples of areas where advanced analytics can create value

  • Manufacturing (production planning, inventory control, maintenance planning, site layout, use of raw materials, distribution chain)
  • Health care (planning of treatment periods, human resource allocation, optimization of the usage of rooms and instruments)
  • Transportation (cargo and route planning, scheduling, placement and layout of distribution centres)
  • Travel (flight routing, personnel shifts, pricing)
  • Retail (placement and layout of stores, inventory control, work shifts)
  • Energy & utilities (network planning, facility placement optimization, pricing)
  • Finance sector (investment portfolio management)
  • Consumer business (marketing optimization)
Advanced Analytics Focus Areas

Avarea’s solutions for leveraging advanced analytics

Would you like to take an advantage of advanced analytics as a one-time experiment, or should the modelling flow in as part of your processes and the final results to be available for the operational systems? We have helped our customers’ successfully in both situations.

– fast business benefits

If you want to experiment with new data or innovate new use cases, our conceptualized Accelerator-service enables you to obtain results quickly.

  • Systematic approach how to start utilizing data analytics
  • Identification and prioritization of potential use cases
  • Concrete results in 6-12 weeks with 6 steps

– custom tailored analytics

When your goal is to integrate analytics as a part of your daily business processes, we deliver analytical solutions according to your needs from beginning to end, with agility.

My Analyst
– Avarea analyst at your service

  • Service available on monthly basis virtually or on-site
  • MyAnalyst complements the expertise of your organization and serves as a resource
  • Ideal solution when you want to get fast-forward with your analytics project