“Our data warehousing is too expensive.”

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Acce_Hadoop_imageFaster and cheaper Data Warehousing

Is your data warehouse already full due to a growing amount of data? How expensive is it to increase your data capacity? Do you find your data warehousing capabilities out-of-date?

During the last decades there has been a significant change when talking about the amount of data enterprises collect. And this brings a huge challenge to data warehousing; more and cheaper space is needed urgently.

Fortunately, there are modern and competitive solutions to data warehousing. Warehousing is nowadays more and more about choosing platforms that are flexible and cost effective. Solutions where data are preprocessed before being moved to Enterprise Data Warehouses provide the flexibility needed to lower the costs of warehousing. And they offer an easier way to analyze data.

We have successfully implemented the Hadoop platform to help our customers achieve lower DW costs and faster analytics. Taking advantage of Hadoop’s benefits does not mean previous investments in warehousing are replaced. Hadoop runs as a part of the warehouse ecosystem.

We believe Hadoop is one of the game changers of tomorrow’s data analytics for larger amounts of data.