“We must deliver better customer experience.”

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Acce_CustEx_image Customer Experience (CEx) is all about knowing your customers

Are you able to serve your clients at a sufficient level? Would deeper customer insight give you a greater competitive advantage over your competitors? Who are your most beneficial customers?

The whole world of customers is more polarized than ever. Values and needs differ from person to person. Customer expectations are getting higher and higher. And the old fashioned, demography-based segmentation model has failed to deliver value.

When you have thousands and thousands of customers, delivering individual experience is more or less impossible. However, customers feel they should be treated in an individual way.

Avarea’s data-driven segmentation process, properly implemented, offers many advantages to enterprises. Modeling and grouping personas based on their activities provides an opportunity to deliver better CEx.

Actually, segmentation is the tool, but customer experience is the value. Value-based experience leads to higher loyalty and share-of-wallet.