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What happens when ten innovative companies will join competences, products and services around Internet of Things? Beehive!

Today I experienced the idea storm around ‘smart city’ and how Finnish knowledge and expertise can be exported to build the smartest city of the world.   The companies represented the wide range of products and services in the value chain of Internet of Things. Among these innovative companies there are sensor providers for data collection, companies for the data integration and management services, cloud platform providers, analytics providers etc. There are no silos or boarders between the companies. Competitors sit next to each other with open mindset and smile. Everyone is excited about the opportunity to share experience, learn from each other and last but not least make bigger business with each other’s help.

Every company who joins this group understands that today the one who will win the race is not the biggest or the largest but who is the most innovative, has best experts in its domain and who can with co-operation create higher business value and benefit for our target customers.

Finpro started the CYK program to boost Finnish IoT technology and knowledge export. Over 20 companies (Avarea as well) has joined the program with the goal to grow internationally. Among these companies 11 companies wants to co-operate very closely in so called Beehive group. Under signed NDA we share information and work with real customer cases with the goal to make larger deals. I realized immediately that Avarea alone is too small to enter ‘the big international market’ and therefore the only option for us is to join forces and co-operate, and the best way to do this is the CYK and Beehive. During my career I have built partner programs, entered new markets, launched complementary and partner product offerings, but I have never seen anything like this CYK program Beehive group. Beehive working group is the innovation that we should copy to other similar programs.

This is the way how the Finnish technology and expertise will make its breakthrough to the big world. 1 plus 1 is more than 2.

Stay tuned! I will report our journey within this program and our Beehive work. Coming soon is our entry visit to UK!