50 billion connected devices by 2020

Päivi Karesjoki analytics, IoT

Data without ‘real-time’ or any analytics is value not yet realized

‘You need to manage the data so that you can manage with the data’ – a very clever statement from one of our customers.  Six months ago, we concluded a large study about the world of IoT; its status, future, challenges, opportunities, and obstacles. It is very trendy to add the word ‘smart’ in front of an industry or concept to indicate an IoT approach:  smart manufacturing, smart health, smart home, and smart energy to name few. Does the word smart make a difference?

Most companies have realized they need ‘to do something’ in IoT. But where and how to start?

Based on the above findings we realized that companies need IoT services with four perspectives:

  • Strategic IoT consulting – how does IoT benefit the business?
  • Change management – how do we need to change our way of working?
  • Technology consulting –  how to build IoT platforms, connectivity, and integration.
  • Business Analytics – how to utilize the data and its value quickly in our operations and how to manage with the data – impacts on the processes/products.

Back to the question, where and how to start?

We realize that if a company has only one or two out of those perspectives, it might not be successful with its IoT initiatives.  Our approach is to start with our agile Accelerator concept to identify business potential and value, innovate quickly the analytics use case, run a proof of concept, and advise on the optimal competence set-up (in house – outsource -hybrid). Furthermore, we work closely with innovative partners like Distence to form complete end-to-end solutions, and then we can really see Smart XX become a differentiator.

This blog post was originally published at distence.fi